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I’ve always wanted to go to the Newseum (something to do with the fact that I majored in journalism? Nah, that can’t be it…), and I finally got my chance last weekend.

It’s a beautiful museum, and if you’re tired of the Smithsonians, I would definitely suggest it. We started at the top (6 levels total) and were pleasantly surprised with its Pennsylvania Avenue Terrace, which offered great views. I love stumbling across a great view. It makes me feel like I’ve found a piece of treasure.

Old Post Office in the distance.

9/11 Front page gallery

Journalists Memorial, dedicated to those who died pursuing the news.

Meet Jeff (in the stripes). Jeff uses an old school Canon film camera. He is cool.

Berlin wall

Glancing at the street after leaving the museum.

My favorite exhibit was, no surprise here, the Pulitzer Prize photographs gallery. Amazing, amazing photos, and the stories behind them even more amazing.

The $14 ticket was worth every penny. It’s normally $20/person, but MWR offered a discount, and I love me a discount! But the ticket would still be worth every penny if it was $20. :)


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