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TGIF. Long week + short weekend = grumpy Jen. At least next week is only a 3-day week. Jen = happy again. This weekend, Jay and I will be celebrating an early Thanksgiving with our gaggle of friends. We are contributing cornbread (you haven’t had cornbread until you’ve had my cornbread — and when I say “my”, I really mean my good friend Gayle’s recipe, but still..) and pecan pie. I’m excited to eat. No surprise there, right? Back to the headline… Historic Solomons Island  is an unspoiled charming waterfront town. It’s a go-to spot of mine for 1.) food, and 2.) photos.
Ok, maybe it’s more like 1.) photos and 2.) food.


The bridge in the background is locally known as Solomons Island bridge, but it’s actually (and I just looked this up today) the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge, named after the first governor of Maryland. Interesting facts: – built in 1977 – 1.5 miles long – 135 feet high Thank you, all-knowing Wikipedia.


Happy Friday!


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