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Co-workers call me Jennifer.

Friends call me Jen.

All of the above call me crazy cat lady.

Here’s why.

I have two cats. BasiL (yes, with a capital “L” on the end) and Thyme. I also volunteer for the local animal welfare league, SMAWL.

I love cats. I love dogs. I love anything that isn’t slimy.

And it was only a matter of time that my two furry little friends made their appearance on the blog. Hopefully you find them as amusing as I do.

I will try to keep the cat posts to a minimum. Keyword there is try.

But aren’t they cute??!

P.S. I find it necessary to clarify that my wall is not the same shade of yellow in the above photos. That is all.


  1. Hey Jen, I love your cats! :) Are they better now and can stay in the same room together? Or do you have to keep them apart still? I haven’t heard if your distance, but gradual therapy is successful or not. I miss your Basil and Thyme! Mom made me stop feeding Pumpkin altogether because the bad kitty would be begging for food outside the patio window every morning and she has threatened to call the animal shelter to take the cat away! That, and within the past month, I can tell somehow Pumpkin got into a fight with another animal or with it’s spotted eye cat companion, that his right eye is closed shut. Whether is has an eye infection, I really don’t know, but there’s a light white film over it’s eye and I’m afraid that since it’s gone untreated for awhile that he’ll start to become blind. I wish he were my cat, I’d take him to the vet and pay just to get his eye fixed. Even if I couldn’t keep him, I was thinking about doing just that and then taking him down to South Park and letting him go there so he wouldn’t find his way back to our house anymore to bug us. ::sniff sniff:: I’m just torn! I hate seeing kitty cat suffer!


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