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Turkey time

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving.

The most obvious reason is that I will be able to eat large quantities of food.

The not-so-obvious reason (to you) is because I will be on a cruise ship! Still eating large quantities of food, of course.

Our most wonderful friends Sara & Kory are getting married. In Mexico. On a beach. Via cruise. And they were nice enough to invite us.

So let’s add this together. Excitement to eat + all-you-can-eat cruise ship buffets, and what do you get? That’s easy. An extra 10 pounds. Can someone hand me a life jacket? I don’t float very well to begin with, and I doubt I’ll float any better on a full stomach.

But seriously, we can’t wait. And the camera is going with me. And the blog lives on!

Next up: 2010 DC Drag Queen High Heel Race


  1. Lucky you! You better take lots of pictures at their wedding and post up here! :) Oh, and of course, congratulations on your friends upcoming wedding. They’re the ones with the same Cannon camera as us, I recall. It is one of my many wishes to go on a Disney Cruise for our vacation. :)


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