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On your mark

For the first time ever, I was witness to Dupont Circle’s annual Halloween tradition: the Drag Queen High Heel Race, which takes place the Tuesday before Halloween.

The race happened rather quickly (only a matter of seconds really), but what you really want to be there for is the promenade. I’ve never seen so many drag queens in one place, glammed up and struttin’ their stuff.

Here’s a small sampling of the craziness that ensued:

Cruella Deville was trying to round up more “puppies” from the crowd. She had an extra leash.

Pageant ladies


Katy Perry

The Ambiguously Gay Duo with Kathryn.

This was coincidentally Kathryn’s last night in D.C. She shipped off to San Fran the next day… and we miss her. Lots. And can’t wait to visit. :)

All in all, another exciting night! Never a dull moment in the capital, or I should rather say, Dupont Circle.

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