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Jay and I just returned from a wonderful vacation where we cruised from Miami to Key West to Cozumel, Mexico, and then back to Miami.

We witnessed an amazingly beautiful wedding in Cozumel starring our very best friends Sara & Kory. Congratulations, newlyweds!! You did it! Welcome to the married club! :)

Our home for the past five days was the Carnival Imagination (pronounced “Car-nee-vall E-mag-i-naaaation” by our cruise director).

Here she is in Key West.

Ms. Imagination was stocked with good friends, good food and the most comfortable pillows you could lay your head on.

An example of good food. These are called turkey ice cream swans. Delicious and cute. A dangerous combo.

An example of good friends in Cozumel. :)

I took more than 600 pics on this trip…I can’t wait to show them all to you.

Just kidding.

But I will pick out some favorites.

And I have about a hundred of those.

For starters, here are some of my favorites taken from the ship.

Miami with crazy cloud coverage.

Lil pilot boat chuggin along. Taken from the window in our room.

Sailing away from Miami.

More photos to come! Hope all of you had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Missing my cruise buffets,



  1. Jen, your pictures are absolutely stunning! You are quite an amazing photographer! I wouldn’t be surprised if your pictures end up being better than the actual professional photographer your friends hired for their wedding itself! ^0^ I’m glad you had such a great time, next time Craig and I take a vacation apart from visiting his family, I will definitely look into going on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas, it would be so worth it! :) Love ya sis!


    • Thanks for your support, Angie! It means a lot. I’m still quite new at this and def. learning as I go. You would really enjoy a cruise. If you need help looking into one, just ask. xo!


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