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Cozumel wedding

I remember the first time Jay introduced me to Kory. It was during the first week of freshmen year at Penn State Erie. Kory was carrying a dilapidated Scooby-doo backpack on one shoulder since it only had one strap. Turns out he’d been carrying that crusty old backpack through highschool and now intended to keep it through college. I thought to myself, “Now he’s a character.”

Fast forward three years.

I first met Sara when she was with Kory in Taco Bell at Penn State’s main campus in Happy Valley. I had seen them kissing behind buildings before and thought, “She must be his girlfriend.”

Fast forward four more years, and here we are. Kory is still a character, but Sara is no longer his girlfriend. She’s his wife now. And that makes me smile.

Jay and I have shared tears of joy and tears of sadness with these two very special people. We had a close-distance relationship, survived a long-distance relationship, and currently we’re happy to settle with a much-closer-than-before relationship.

In the words of my mother-in-law, “Good friends make life better.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Sara & Kory, thank you for enriching our lives with your friendship. We congratulate you on your marriage and intend on sharing life’s many more milestones with you.


The wedding through my eyes…


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