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O Christmas tree

She’s a beauty, aint she? Jay and I are completely and utterly spoiled. We get our Christmas trees personally imported every year from a Christmas tree farm in Trade City, Pa. — My in-laws’ backyard.

Jay and I love to decorate for Christmas. This love was passed on from Jay’s grandma to Jay’s mom and now to us. We’ve even inherited some of Meme’s Christmas decorations, and I love having them in the house.

A new addition to the tree. We bought this ornament in Virginia while visiting Keary and Luke this past summer. Jay and I thought it was fitting since, y’know, I’m chinese.

A vintage ornament. Love these ones. I think they add “character.” This also happens to be Jay’s favorite ornament.

For my mom and dad’s first Christmas, they made these glass ornaments themselves from a do-it-yourself kit. A couple of years ago, my mom wanted to re-do all of her Christmas decor and was going to throw these little guys away.

Not over my dead body!

My sister, brother and I split them up. I love them!

Dining room centerpiece.

Vintage Japanese paper houses from Meme’s collection. We have a little snowy village on our kitchen window sill.

Last, but not least, our three little gnomes. Or elves. Or little bearded men. I’m not sure what they are, but they come out every year for the holidays.

From our home to yours, happy holidays! Two weeks until Christmas!


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