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Christmas faves

Christmas is over. Bah. humbug.

But at least we can look back on all of our great gifts (as I type this, I am wearing my new sweatpants and sweatshirt compliments of Santa Neal-thank you!!) and some of my favorite pictures.

The above photo was taken at my mother-in-law’s house Christmas morning. The fireplace is on, the presents are piled high and the smell of cinnamon rolls fills the air. It is a beautiful thing.

Our nephew Cameron plays with his new toy. His smile (and reindeer pjs) just melts your heart.

This next photo sums up what Christmas means to me…

Stethoscopes. Nothing like a good ol stethoscope to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Just kidding.

Family. And being with our families over the holidays was a wonderful gift. The home-cooked meals didn’t hurt either. :)

Suffering the post-Christmas blues,

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