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Is it possible to ask a cat for forgiveness?

Is it possible to explain to him the reasons behind our actions?

Is it possible to convince him that we are not abandoning him because of anything that he’s done?

Is it possible that I’ll one day stop asking myself and everyone around me if we’re doing the right thing?

Please forgive me. I can’t seem to right now.

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  1. Craig says

    Tis not ever easy for sure. :(

    Had to get rid of a Dog I had when I was younger. Probably I was only in 6th grade or so, but I had the dog for 4 years at the point and had grown quite attached. The dog had as well. Would always be at the door about 20 minutes before I got home from school waiting for me lol.

    Even now, almost what, 15 years later or so, still think about that dog from time to time :(.


  2. Kristin Wessell says

    Sweetie, it’s the right thing. I know you love him, but it’s best for your other cat and your sanity. You’ve tried all you can to help him, so now maybe it’s best to let him go. A friend of mine had to let her Golden Retriever go because of behavior problems. The breeder took it back. And though she still sometimes wonders if she did the right thing, she also knows the dog is in a better situation now. And her family is in a better situation — she never knew how much stress it caused everyone until the dog was gone.
    It’s best for everyone. «hugs»


  3. Kathy Neal says

    Take credit for the Years of love and attention you have given him. If he understood forgiveness he would also understand sacrafice and your heart ache.

    He would appreciate and understand that what you are doing is FOR his Brother and not TO him. He will find a home and be loved and cared for and he WILL be happier because of you.

    You took him in and gave him a good start now it is time for someone else to enjoy him.

    Basil will have a whole new start. Right isn’t always easy. If it were the world would be a Perfect world.


  4. Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive words. I couldn’t have asked for better friends and family. Thyme is going to our local Petco this Saturday. I was almost against putting him back in the store, but that is how I met him and fell in love, so I hope someone else will fall in love with him there. Thank you all. Love, Jen


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