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Father’s archives

Two years ago I bought my dad a slide/negative scanner to convert all of his slides to digital. It ended up being a gift for me too because now I have all of his slides, something that is invaluable to me. Thanks, dad.

I thought it would be fun to edit and share some of them with you.

View of NYC in the 1970s. My dad used a Nikkormat EL-series manual SLR camera.

Pagoda in what I believe is Hong Kong. My parents met, dated and married in Hong Kong in 1976.

Hong Kong boat, known as a “sampan.”

View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

My wonderful parents, who will have been married for 35 years this year. My dad was 26 years old in this photo, and my mom was 20. Aren’t they cute? (And skinny?!) Love you both.

P.S. It’s hard to believe that I will be 26 in March. Egads!


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