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Joy of Luck

Continuing with the daily prompts of the Joy of Luck class from Willette Designs

[3. lucky symbols]

Seashells collected over the years remind me how lucky we are to travel.

[4. seven favorite material things]

1. BasiL, the cat. 2. Old photos of Jay’s and my family. 3. Camera. 4. Bling. 5. Everything in my camera bag. 6.iPhone and MacBookPro. 7.External hard drives that carry all of my photos.

And yes, I realize that this is more than seven items. And yes, I could’ve taken many, many more photos for this assignment.

[5. & 6. what brings you luck and who is a blessing]

My college education and experience led me to the post-college internship that helped me land the job I have today. Shortly after getting the job, my husband proposed. Shortly after that, we were able to buy a house. Lots of luck!

And of course, I’m lucky to have my husband. Here he is standing in front of Old Main at Penn State.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. You should head over to my friend Natasha’s blog and check out her photos from the same assignment!

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  1. nptphotos says

    Love that you put your water mark! It looks great, of course the pictures do too! Thanks for the shout!


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