Day: April 22, 2011

Next Door Lounge

Love at first taste. That sums up my very first experience with Indian food, which took placeĀ at Bollywood Masala. Bollywood has become Jay’s and my favorite restaurant, and I know a lot of our friends share the same sentiment. The atmosphere is laid back, the people are friendly and it’s the kind of place where they memorize your order. You just can’t get it any better. Well, I take that back. Sunny, Bollywood’s fearless owner, has recently opened the The Next Door Lounge, a full bar featuring desserts and assorted tapas dishes. In short, Southern Maryland will never be the same. Sunny was nice enough to let me and my fellow photog friend EveĀ take photos of his new space. Welcome to the Lounge! Sunny, thank you so much for letting us take photos. I hope we did it justice. Tulleeho! (cheers!)