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New neighbors

Our new neighbors have settled in nicely.

These little babies have taken up residence in our neighbor’s shrub. From my (brief) research online, I think they are sparrows, but I could be wrong. Momma-bird, on the right, is never too far away. Welcome to Primrose Park, little ones.


  1. Make sure you do not touch any parts of the tree around them, the mother bird will not come back if you do. I made that mistake when I was younger :(

    Good shot though ;)


  2. Also, this looks like one of a couple of possible sparrows it could be if you were interested :P

    Not everything matches though, so its hard to tell, plus I am by no means a bird expert, I am just easily bored and find things to keep myself occupied, so I went looking through the birds of maryland :P

    Ive been meaning to get out and do this as well, pictures of birds is something I always wanted to try :D


    • Hey! I think you found the bird! That one looks just like the mom. Great detective skills! :) You should hang up a birdfeeder. You could get lots of pics that way.


      • I wouldnt mind it, but I dont think your mom would go for it lol. I have already heard her say how the ones she hears in the morning wake her up, otherwise I would have several out there just bringing in the birds :P

        there is also a thing you can buy for your ipod called Bird jam, you can get it localized for area and its a file of birds songs that you can loop to try to draw in the bird of choice. Been thinking of getting its, (pretty cheap actually) but not had the chance. I have heard though that not all birds like the false calls, so I may or may not try it.. time will tell.


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