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One Woman Farm in action

Back from a nice overdue visit to Pittsburgh. I enjoyed spending quality time with loved ones. Home always feels so good.

During part of the weekend, I worked alongside my wonderful friend Margaret at One Woman Farm. She is the reason why I have a soft spot for farms. Below are some of my favorite images. Enjoy!

Miss OWF herself. At right, pea greens on a trellis.

I am terrified of chickens. Just ask Curls. I may have embarrassed myself while helping him collect eggs.

Scallions, pea greens and bok choy. Drool.

Lettuce, swiss chard and the tractor.

Fresh eggies, sage flowers and lettuce.



    • Hi, Nic, thank you for visiting my blog! I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to edit my photos, and the software can also place photos in the layouts you see above. I think that Photoshop Elements has the same capability. I hope that helps!


      • That does help, thanks. I’m currently taking a photography class and plan to take more in the future. Photoshop is in my future, words like Bridge and Lightroom have been discussed around the room, and I have no idea what everyone is talking about. It’s nice to see some of the software in action. Now I only have to decide if I’m going windows or mac. ;)


  1. Smiles. I grew up on a farm, and my brother and I own it now. We have an Allis Chalmers G just like in the picture. There aren’t too many of them running anymore!!! You took lots of shots that look like home to me! Nice job!


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