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Driving down the 101

Blogging to you live from California. :) Here are some quick stats so far from our trip.

After six days, I have taken 1,401 photos.
We have traveled more than 1,000 miles by car.
The lowest temperature we’ve seen was 58 degrees.
The highest was 100 degrees.
Our lowest elevation has been at sea level.
Our highest elevation was at 6,725 feet.

Conclusion – California does not disappoint. What a gorgeous state! Jay and I have really fallen for the west coast. Here are some quick photos from the trip. Don’t worry, there are 1,396 left to share with you.

Jay views Los Angeles from a distance, thanks to the Griffith Observatory. The observatory is 1,134 feet above sea level. When you look in the opposite direction, you can see the Hollywood sign.

Hanging on to dear life from the top of Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park. Jay and I climbed 400 steps to reach the top, which is 6,725 feet above sea level. Behind me is a stunning view of the Great Western Divide.

Breathtaking Monterey  at one of its vista points during the 17-mile drive. On this particular day, I took more than 400 photos. I couldn’t help myself.

I couldn’t mention California without giving a shout out to our friend and host Natasha. Here she is displaying one of her many skills — cherry seed spitting. Look at that form! She has been seriously wonderful to us, and we can’t begin to thank her (and her family!) for everything. Posting this photo of her on the blog is a start. :)

To be continued…

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