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Day 3!

On Sunday, the three of us headed inland for a little adventure. We drove into Los Angeles to visit the Griffith Observatory. The observatory was a “must see” in my California travel book (I’m a book nerd, this should not come as a surprise to you), and Natasha hadn’t been since she was a girl.

The first thing you notice about the observatory is its location – it’s right on the slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park. The next best part – admission is free! And did you know that Griffith Park is five times larger than Central Park?

After the Griffith, we decided to hike the elusive Hollyridge trail, which spits you out by the Hollywood sign. We found directions here.

It was amazing and something I’ll never forget. Though I wish I could erase the memory (and stench) of the piles of horse poop along the trail.

The path actually splits near the top, and you can hike to behind the sign or stay in front. We veered to the front trail.

Photo credit for photo on right: Natasha. She has a couple other gems that I’ll let her share when she’s ready. :)

Up next: Sequoia National Park

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