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Sequoia National Park

Day 4!

Jay and I hit the road in our Nissan Sentra rental car Monday morning to head to Sequoia National Park. The drive was about 4 and half hours northeast of Port Hueneme and very, very scenic.

We entered the park through the Ash Mountain entrance, which is pictured above on the left.

In above top left photo is Moro Rock. Yes, we climbed to the top of it! Bottom left is Tunnel Rock  and bottom right is a photo taken while driving through Giant Forest, home of world’s biggest trees.

It took us nearly 400 steps to reach the top of Moro Rock, which is 6,725 feet high. Very steep and very scary.

The Sierra Nevada mountain range.

After “climbing,” we thought it was time for a nice hike to General Sherman, the largest (by volume) living tree in the world.

Interesting Sherman factoids:

  • The Sherman tree’s top is dead, so it will not grow any taller, but it does grow wider every year.
  • Base diameter is 36.5 feet. Base circumference is 103 feet.
  • The tree weighs 1,385 tons and is 275 feet tall.
  • Sherman is 2,200 years old. Ages well, doesn’t he?
  • Looking up at the Sherman tree for a 6-foot-tall human is about the equivalent of a mouse looking up at the 6-foot-tall human.
Bottom line — the tree is BIG.

More scenic views while driving through the park. Jay and I drove through neighboring King’s Canyon Park and then headed to Monterey, Calif., for the night, another four-hour drive.  More to come!


  1. So I was laughing to myself at your description of Moro Rock. We had at one point decided that we were going to take the whole family (including Stephen) out to California next summer and we were going to do the Sequoia thing. I of course have never been, but Neil has, and I think it just became very clear that I will not get the full experience with a baby in tow lol! Plans for summer vacation have changed in the meantime though. Sequoia and Moro rock will have to wait…at least another year ;)


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