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Life is better at the beach

This year marks my fifth anniversary of attending the annual Neal Ocean City beach vacation.

Each year we carry out our beach traditions: Dough Rollers for breakfast, crab claws for lunch, and Embers for dinner. But what is most enjoyed about the beach is the time we get to spend with each other.

Since the beach is one of the few times we’re all together, a family portrait was a must! Aren’t we a good looking crew? :)

The handsome Neal fellas.

Beautiful family.

“Gammy” and “Pap”

I can’t believe this is already Cameron’s third year at the beach! Top right – Cam man plays with Pap’s truck. “Beep beep, comin fru!”

Enjoying the sun and sand.

Mason and Cameron – the next generation of beach goers.

The newest addition to our growing beach family!

The beautiful Noerr family.

Rummy and Becky. :)

Until next year…


  1. nptphotos says

    Jen, these are precious!!!!! I love how you captured Cameron’s personality…. just too sweet!


  2. kayla noerr says

    Oh my goodness Jen! I love them :)
    And next year another new addition! I’ll work on Justin to practice posing!!


  3. Beautiful photos as always! The one of “Gammy and Pap” is just amazing!! Hope you guys all had an awesome time!


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