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Burgh love

Pittsburgh comes alive with color in the fall. I happened to catch the tail end of it in a last-minute trip home. So glad I did!





I was surprised to see that half of the leaves had already fallen. Southern Maryland seems to be about several weeks behind in the fall department.

And now it’s time for a blog surprise – meet my siblings! I don’t know how I managed it, but my brother let me take photos of him without confiscating my camera. My sister, however, was more than willing to model.


Richard is two years older than me. He’s smart, funny and unlike the photos I have of him, cleanly shaven.

Ladies, he’s single (for now), so act fast. I always envied his raised eyebrow look. I don’t look nearly as cool as he does when I try to do this.


Angela, who I call Angie, is five years older than me. She loves the camera and it shows. Thanks for letting me “shoot” you two. :) I love you guys.

Up next: Baby Jude!


  1. margaret says

    Wow I love the leaf photos. Such incredible color. those are awesome pictures of richard! Richard!!!!!!!!!! angela always looks good. more of the same.



  2. Hey sis, I absolutely love your leaf nature walk pictures! ;) But, better yet…I love the pictures that you took of “moi!” Thanks again sis! Oh, and if you can get a chance, hit me up with the name of that photography book you told me about so I can get cranking on some reading. :)


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