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Julie+Alex | engaged!

True love.

Not only do those two words describe what Julie and Alex share together, but it also describes what I have for them. They put my love to the test last weekend after we cancelled our first photo shoot and rescheduled it for Sunday morning at (wait for it) 7 a.m.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I volunteered to wake up this early (on a Sunday!), but I’ve never had so much fun.

Julie and Alex, it was a joy to photograph you, and we’re so excited for your latest adventure together. Congratulations!!

With love,


  1. Courtney says

    Jen, these are gorgeous! Must’ve been so fun to shoot with them. Where did you guys go? I’ll have to ask Alex about it tomorrow too :)


  2. Julie says

    Wow, Jen! I can’t stop looking at these. You really are so talented, thanks for doing this for us and your sweet message. Can’t wait to put these all over our future home…wherever that’ll be. Miss you already! See you soon, maybe in Savannah?


    • We will plan our trip after we get Italy out of the way! :) I’m so glad you like them, and thank you guys for being troupers. I forgot to mention in the post how chilly it was (yet you still managed to look flawless!). We miss you too; we were spoiled last month. Have fun with the wedding planning and enjoy the moment!!


  3. It takes a lot of talent to make Alex look photogenic. You and Julie did a lot of work for these to work out.


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