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Three Pies

A family of Pies made the trek to visit me in Maryland recently, which made me a very happy girl. I couldn’t wait to spend more time with my beautiful goddaughter Abby. She is so much FUN! Her laughter will make your heart smile.

Here are just a couple of photos from the day. (I finally got to take some photos of Luke too!)

Love you Pies. xoxo!


  1. margaret says

    Wow look at them eyeballs! REally beautiful . I particularly like the upside down composition. Super good work. Per uge! love love


  2. Kathy Wagle says

    Jenny, you always manage to capture expressions and moods that are so unique! I especially love the upside down one, the one where Abby is laughing over Luke’s shoulder, and the little shoes on big shoes! So perfect.


  3. Gorgeous pictures of such a lovely family! ;) I wish I could see all the black and white pictures of Abby in color just so you can see her beautiful blue eyes and see the twinkles glitter like crystals. I see your technique in getting perfect shots is blurring the background and making your subject appear more sharper and clear in the spotlight. :)


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