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The Pantheon

Ok, so I think I’ve figured this out! Instead of posting by day, I’m going to post by “attraction.” Trust me, it will be less painful for you (in Rome, every street corner is an attraction), and doing it this way also gives me less anxiety. :)

First up is the Pantheon – one of my favorites. Probably because it was free and convenient. No long lines, tickets or odd hours and all types of photography allowed!

The structure, a Roman temple dedicated to all of the gods, is amazing and impressively intact (though I learned it was completely rebuilt at one point). “M AGRIPPA” stands for Marcus Agrippa, the man who originally built it in 27 B.C.

The dome is as high as it is wide = architectural perfection. And do you see those columns? Yeah, those are solid pieces of granite.

At left, the entry and the oculus, the eye in the sky. At right is the main altar.

At left is a bust of Italian artist Raphael. His tomb is in the bottom right photo. Top right is the tomb of King Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a united Italy.

I actually visited the Pantheon on four different occasions during our trip. We never arrived in the daytime when the lighting was just right, but I’m in love with the night photos.

Piazza della Rotonda with the Fontana del Pantheon in the center.

I love how the Pantheon sits in the middle of a bustling square. I guess you could say that for all of Rome – the really old sit side by side with the new.


  1. Paul M says

    Jen, those pictures of the Pantheon at night are incredible!! My mom told me there is a little restaurant right by there that serves zuppa de vedura just like her mom used to make. You’re a lucky gal!


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