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Piazza Navona, Trevi, Trastevere

Rome is full of piazzas or city squares, and some are nicer than others. Piazza Navona was one of the nicer ones that we saw. (Piazza Navona is pretty big, clean and has lots of restaurants/shops surrounding it.)

The Four Rivers Fountain (with the obelisk) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini sits in the center.

Ahh, the Trevi Fountain. The fountain was a busy tourist area, but it really is a beautiful scene. And you just don’t see a fountain on the backside of a building every day.

I loved the color of the fountain water in the evening.

Trastevere is a charming “tucked away” neighborhood located on the west side of the Tiber River in south Rome. (Disclaimer: for those who know Rome, don’t mind my disorganized order of introducing places!)

I loved Trastevere! The streets had so much character and color. We ate lunch here one day, and then Kate and I went back to wander some more. And yes, I’m promoting one of my lifesavers on this trip in the bottom right photo – my pair of TOMS. Those bad boys walked all over Rome and handled those ancient cobblestone streets like nobody’s business. :)

Why can’t we paint all of our buildings in the U.S. happy colors?

Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere with the Church of Santa Maria in the background. This is where we sat to eat our lunch one afternoon. Ah, I miss it…


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