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Mount Vesuvius

I’m taking a break from Rome and digging into our day trip photos. On the Saturday that we were in Italy, four of us woke up super early to hit the road with our road maps, non-smartphone and no sleep. It was time for an adventure!

First stop – Mount Vesuvius, which was about three hours away.

I will try not to harp on the fact that most of us were ill-prepared to climb this bad boy (no warm clothes and a bad knee that resulted in an embarrassing limp), but let me tell you, I was thisclose to walking away from Mount Vesuvius without climbing it. But I’m glad I did.

It was €8/person for admission and €20 for a cab to the top. Even with my limp, I wouldn’t pay. In fact, I laughed when the cab driver told me his price. Friendly mountain dogs greeted us at the entrance to the trail. Notice the squint in their eyes; it was super windy. The trail had great yet hazy views of Naples.

We made it to the crater! Vesuvius is only 4,203 ft in elevation.

The eruption that buried Pompeii occurred in AD 79.

It was a neat experience, one that I’ll never forget (to bring WARM clothes to). :)

Up next: Pompeii!

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