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Pompeii was a short drive away from Mount Vesuvius. This is probably the best time to give kudos to Rob, Jay’s work partner, for driving like a champ in Italy. Rob, you did a great job with driving and not killing any of us though it seemed like that was the goal of our fellow Italian drivers. Thanks, Rob! :)

A couple of observations about Pompeii – Huge! Sprawling! The city streets seem to go on forever and in every direction. I had no idea how large the ruins were. Pompeii was home to 20,000 residents before Mount Vesuvius’ ash buried it in AD 79.

Above, in bottom left photo, is the basilica of Pompeii. At right is an awkward person who is trying to look cute.

It was amazing to walk on the original Roman pavement. The stones sticking out of the roads told you if the street was one way (one stone), two-way (two stones) or three-way (three stones).

Top left is the Temple of Jupiter in Pompeii’s Forum. In the marketplace, there were plaster casts on display of the victims left behind.

I was amazed at the state of the architecture and artwork here.

Above, center, is the dancing faun statue located in the House of the Faun, the biggest house in Pompeii (27,000 sq feet!). At right is the frigidarium (cold plunge bath) in the Baths of the Forum.

My favorite shot of the Pompeii Forum with Mount Vesuvius in the background. (Before Mount Vesuvius blew its top, one giant peak connected the two separate peaks that you see today.)

Unfortunately when we were there, a lot of the sites were blocked off, and we didn’t get to see the brothel or theater. Getting around Pompeii was a bit difficult, especially if you didn’t buy a map (and we didn’t). There were practically no public directories to tell you what you were looking at or where you were heading. Regardless, I’m really happy that we went and experienced it.

Up next: The Amafli Coast!

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