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Vatican Museum

Ahh, the Vatican Museum. When I think of our museum experience, the first thing I recall is the hardcore 30-minute walking jog we took to make it to the museum before they stopped giving out tickets.

And thank goodness we made it.

The word that best describes the art and interior of the Vatican Museum is “grand,” and if I had to choose another word, it’d be “overwhelming.” Here is where we saw Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, though I regrettably didn’t take any photos. Partly because we weren’t allowed, and partly because I was afraid I’d get caught. No worries though, because I’m determined to return one day!

The tapestries room. Raphael’s workshop designed the tapestries, and they were made in Brussels.

Above at left is the map gallery, which displays 16th century maps of Italy.

I love how the color pops in this photo. If you can imagine what it looked like in person, you’d be even more impressed.

Up next: St. Peter’s Basilica


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