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Lovely London – Day 1

I flew into London’s Gatwick airport on a Tuesday. It was intimidating to travel alone in Europe, especially since I lost my travel friend the day before (she left for London on Monday), and I was leaving my husband behind in Rome. (He had to work – boo!)

Regardless of the many travel challenges, such as Rome’s chaotic Fiumicino airport, no cell phone, no contact with my host in London, and traveling with only a backpack, I made it.

After touching down in Gatwick, I took a 30-minute train into London, rode the Underground a couple of stops and walked several blocks to my destination, which I accomplished, with (gasp) no phone. It’s nice to know I can still survive without modern technology.

So after finally arriving at the beautiful flat that I stayed in for three days, I dropped my bag and went right back out the door. There was some major sightseeing that needed to be done!

A silhouette of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

St. Paul’s Cathedral sits on one end of the Millennium Bridge over River Thames. After I snapped this photo, Kate and I checked out several exhibits at the Tate Modern, which sits on the other end of the bridge.

The view of St. Paul’s in the evening.

A wider shot of London’s skyline. It was a beautiful sight. I would’ve taken more photos had I dressed/packed properly for London’s colder temps, but no worries, I could take care of that problem by visiting Harrods!

Lucky for us, Harrods was all decked out for the holidays. I believe a quote from that night was, “This place instantly makes me feel joyous!”

Each room was staged beautifully.

We finally ended the evening by walking across the street to the Mandarin Oriental hotel and grabbing a bite to eat. And when I say bite, I mean the best burger and fries. ever.

More to come!


  1. Absolutely AMAZING! I have never wanted to go back to London more than I do now! :) You’re seriously phenomenal!


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