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Lovely London – Day 2

On to my second day in London! My trusty tour guide and London host, Kate, started our day by taking us on a walk through several of London’s beautiful parks. And boy did we walk.

I must’ve missed London’s peak fall by a week or so judging by how many leaves had fallen, but it was still lovely.

Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace, which happens to be the home of Will & Kate. Unfortunately there were no sightings. My brush with fame will have to wait.

Tell me this isn’t your worst nightmare. Just kidding, sort of. Aggressive giant birds aren’t scary at all, right?

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

I believe we walked into Hyde Park at some point to head toward Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace

I want to say the above photos were taken in Green Park, but I couldn’t keep track of where we walked. All I know is that squirrels will climb on you if you feed them. This might be more terrifying to me than the birds.

Notting Hill was charming. Beautiful streets.

Not afraid of color.

More fun colors.

And finally, we ended the night by giving our legs a rest and enjoyed a viewing of the musical Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. The show was incredible.

Up next: The vibrant Borough Market


  1. That top photo is brilliant. It looks like it could be from another time period, as very little about it is modern (just the cars in the far background.) Love it.


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