Month: March 2012

Bittersweet blossoms

Why can’t the blossoms stay longer? I’ve been holding my breath every time the wind blows because I hate to see the petals fly away. Cherry blossom time has come again and much earlier than expected. I wasn’t prepared! While I wasn’t able to see the blossoms in Washington, D.C., like last year, I did venture to a local park that had trees in full bloom. Here are some of my favorite photos. Until next year, cherry blossoms! And thank you for welcoming spring back into our lives. (Though I can do without the pollen.)

Flowers for you

The earth laughs in flowers.— Ralph Waldo Emerson This year, I was showered with flowers on my birthday. I felt so loved and special. Red roses from guess who? Mr. PhotosbyShew. :) Flowers from my friends. My oh-so-wonderful friends. Tulips from Margaret, found on my doorstep. I am the luckiest. Happy flowers! And happy spring to all of you!

A Donner sunrise

My last Tahoe trip post.. (insert frowny face). I will miss the scenic mountains, fresh air and serene outdoors. Notice how I didn’t mention the cold wind, icy steps or pretentious ski resort employees. :) This last batch of photos came from an early outing with Eve to catch the sun rise on Donner Lake. We woke up at 5:45 a.m. and set off on the mountain road to our destination – a high vista point looking down at the lake. This was the first sign of color in the sky other than the heavy blue haze that surrounded us. Donner Summit Bridge The sun finally breaks through the clouds. A pretty view of Donner Lake on the way back to the cabin. This reminded us that sometimes the best shots are the unplanned ones! Historic downtown Truckee in the evening. I hope they keep those twinkle lights on year round. Thank you Lake Tahoe, Truckee and to our friends for the great memories!

Lake Tahoe: Twilight and dusk

It was a relaxing day at the cabin, and I almost didn’t make it to King’s Beach, Lake Tahoe, for this sunset. In fact, we missed the sun setting, but I was rewarded with beautiful twilight and dusk light. Enjoy! These white clouds even looked “painted on” in person. Lucky pup, he gets to run around in Lake Tahoe for his evening jog. What a life! One of my favorite pictures.