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Part 1: Traveling to Sydney

It’s almost impossible to talk about a trip to Australia without detailing the long journey you have to take to get there because, let’s face it, Australia is not conveniently located. So with that said, let’s start from the top.

We left on a Wednesday afternoon and arrived way too early at the Baltimore airport for our flight. (Better early than late.) The International departure gate was not a happening place, but after an hour or two, we were on our way to Dallas, Texas.

After arriving in Texas, we had some time to kill before boarding our direct flight to Brisbane, Australia. For us, that meant eating this pizza.

It was here in Dallas that we got our first glimpse of the Boeing 747 that was going to take us over the International Date Line. She was a biggie.

Our last sunset in the states. The next time we’d see the sun would be in 16+ hours in Australia.

You know you’re on a long flight when they give you a toothbrush, toothpaste and a sleep mask. All three came in handy.

We finally touched ground in Australia, but we had one more leg to go. It was nice to stretch our legs albeit in an empty Brisbane airport.

Waiting to board the plane again.

Watching the sunrise.

Breakfast! We were pleasantly surprised with the food aboard our Qantas flights.

Nearing our final destination…

Sneak peeks out the window.

We have arrived! Total travel time: 26 hours, 10 minutes. Our first glimpse of the city that was going to adopt us for the next five days.

Cutting straight to the chase! After checking into our apartment and a quick shower, we left our room to find this beauty.

As we stood on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, I remember thinking it all felt completely surreal. And then I realized it was the jet lag talking.

After soaking up the Opera House, we strolled through the Royal Botanic Gardens.

From the gardens, we had a beautiful view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We even popped into the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

St. Mary’s Cathedral College outside of Hyde Park.

Charming Hyde Park.

I wish I had more photos from our first night in Sydney, and it pains me to admit this, but we slept right through it! We planned to take a 2-hour nap after our morning/afternoon stroll, but jet lag got the best of us and we napped for 13 straight hours. Major oops. We were definitely on Sydney time (a 14-hour difference from Maryland) after this, and I promise there are more pictures from the rest of our trip.

More to come!

Part 2: Sydney from day to night
Part 3: Bronte & Bondi beach time
Part 4: Blue Mountains
Part 5: Manly Beach


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  2. I lived in Sydney for 8 years and think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Your photos bring back great memories. Thanks for sharing!


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  8. Ann Shirley says

    Hello, lovely blog! Your photographs are absolutely stunning! It sounds like you had a nice trip (minus the 16 hour flight part…long flights are never very much fun). I really enjoyed reading about all of the interesting places you visited. Which one was your favorite? The Sydney Opera House looked gorgeous! I will definitely have to try to visit that if I ever make it out to Sydney. I enjoyed the photos of Hyde Park as well. The chess pieces reminded me of how in Philadelphia, a city I have frequently traveled to, they have game pieces from Sorry! featured in Love Park.

    Did you get the chance to visit Blue Mountains in Sydney My brother took a trip to Australia as part of a travel abroad experience for school. He said him and his classmates got to visit it and he really enjoyed their wildlife park.


    • Ann, thanks for the lovely comment. I hope you’ll have a chance to visit Sydney or any part of Australia for that matter! As for favorites, it’s hard for me to pick but I’ll narrow the list down to Bronte/Bondi beach/Chinatown (so much good food!) and the Royal Botanic Gardens. We visited the Blue Mountains on a day trip and enjoyed exploring there. The hikes were beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!


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