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Part 2: Sydney from day to night

After a 13-hour (accidental) nap, Jay and I felt refreshed and ready to conquer Sydney. It didn’t take us long to fall into a morning routine in our new city, which started with crossing the street and into the neighborhood Starbucks.

After getting our drinks, we’d sit upstairs to warm our bones and strategize about how to tackle our day. By the third day, the barista knew our orders. :) For Jay, a flat white, and for me, my mocha.

Today, we decided we were going to walk our butts off. Chinatown was first on the list.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Paddy’s Markets

There are hundreds of stalls at the markets selling flowers, food, gifts, etc.

Miles of fresh veggie stalls.

This Chinese bakery quickly became a part of our daily excursions. We’d stop in here to get our fill of freshly baked coconut buns, pork buns, egg custards, paper-wrapped sponge cakes and sausage buns. Heaven!

Cockle Bay in Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour

Pyrmont Bridge, the oldest surviving electrical swing bridge in the world. Apparently it can swing open and shut in 45 seconds! (And by swing, a section of the bridge swivels so boats can pass by.)

A view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Rocks, Sydney’s most historic suburb.

We grabbed a well-deserved lunch in this old pub.

Jay tried and approved of Australia’s lager Tooheys New, and I scarfed down some fish and chips.

The view from Dawes Point.

Never got tired of this architectural beauty.

Jay and I booked it back to the Royal Botanic Gardens so I could take some photos of the city and opera house as the sun was setting.

Circular Quay provided great vantage points as the city switched from day to night.

I fell in love with the city right then and there.

Next up: the beaches!

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  1. streamofcaitlinness says

    Beautiful! I’m only an amateur photographer myself, but I can recognize great work when I see it. I love this blog! The Starbucks ones are my favorite. I’m a bit of a coffee junkie :)


  2. Kathryn says

    Amazing photos as always! That picture of the bridge from “the rocks” looks like a fake model train town! It’s crazy that is a real place :)


    • Aw, thanks Kathryn!! Jay and I didn’t think Australia was a real place until we landed. :) Miss you girl! You glow in all of your photos. (I wonder why.)


      • nw10photography says

        I’m intrigued, too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comment! I should have more film images to share over the next couple of weeks!


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