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Part 3: Bronte & Bondi beach time

After soaking up the city for two days, it was time to soak up the beach! We hopped on the #378 bus and took it all the way to Bronte Beach, about a 40-minute ride.

What a view. We walked the ~1.5 mile cliff walk from Bronte to Bondi (pronounced “bon-dye”) and, of course, stopped often to enjoy the views.

At right, steps from the cliff descend into pools that lay side by side with the ocean.

The Bronte Baths.

Doesn’t get cooler than this, does it?!

At left, a view of the cliff walk. At right is a swimmer at the Bondi Baths, also known as Bondi Icebergs.

We also passed Tamarama Beach, also known as Glam-a-rama beach. Here’s a look back at what we passed.

Funny story… the nice couple who stopped to take this photo for us was the same couple who asked me to take a picture of them in Sydney on our first day. Turns out they were heading to Cairns too, but they left before we got there.

Bondi Icebergs.

Beautiful Bondi Beach. We stopped here to picnic and explore.

Sandy toes for dipping into the ocean. (It was chilly!)

After our day trip, we returned to Sydney and looked for some grub. We found this gem while wandering the streets of Chinatown, and after seeing the line to get a table, we quickly joined the queue. (If there are this many people waiting to get a seat, the food MUST be good!)

Our predictions were right! We ordered ayam goreng, Malaysian-style fried chicken, along with…

Roti canai, Malaysian bread that was crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and delicious all over. We enjoyed our dinner so much that we came back the next night. :)

Chinatown in the evening.

Up next: The Blue Mountains

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  1. kedawilliams says

    I love this!!! wish i can copy the experience on my first vacation i plan on taking next year


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