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Part 4: Blue Mountains

On this day, instead of taking our time with our coffee, we grabbed them in a rush and headed toward Central Station to catch our morning train.

Destination: Katoomba
Mission: Conquer World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park

We had some down time on the train. Two hours to be exact.

We have arrived!

The mountains have a blue coloring due to the evaporation of oil from the eucalyptus forests.

It was a beautiful day, so Jay and I made the most of it by ditching our tour bus and walking many of the trails.

You’re looking at an ancient seabed.

The famous Three Sisters rock formation. From left, Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. These gals are made of sandstone and were formed by erosion. You can read about the legend of the sisters here.

These waterfalls nearly killed me. No joke. My hiking gear consisted of flip-flops and poor planning, and I almost turned around on several different occasions because the mud pits were too intimidating. BUT, Jay didn’t let me quit and I am so grateful!

Wentworth Falls. I could’ve stayed here for a long time.

The views were alluring.

Up next: Manly Beach and one last look at Sydney before we head to Cairns


  1. stephrogers says

    I really enjoyed this post. I live in the Blue Mountains, near Springwood, and these photos really do capture the feel of the place.


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