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Our tree

Christmas may be over, but not in our house! My husband refuses to take the tree down until after the new year. He has even threatened to keep it up year round, but I think he’ll give in once the needles start to fall. These photos were taken before the holidays, but it’s been a blog tradition to share our tree every year.

To all – best wishes for a happy 2013!







P.S. Our tree from last year and the year before that (how did we ever fit that thing in the house?!).


    • Thank you! We took down the ornaments and lights this week, but it’s still in our living room. Not so pretty anymore. :) Also, good luck with your photo-a-day resolution!


  1. Really beautiful images of your Christmas tree. I like the depth of field. Lovely :-)
    Have a great year 2013.
    Regards Camilla


  2. literallyfree says

    I love your photos. The angles and colours of these are beautiful.

    Funnily enough, my parent’s Christmas Tree is still up. Every weekend my father says he’ll take it down…It’ll probably still be there for Christmas in July. :P


    • Haha, my husband just disposed of our tree last weekend! Before that, it was laying on our deck for more weeks than I care to admit. :) Happy shooting!


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