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Part 6: Welcome to Cairns

I am not sure how it is January 2013 and I am still posting photos from Australia, but here we are. Please excuse the long detour from my last post. Now on with the rest of the show!

Giddy with excitement to see another part of the country, we left Sydney and flew into Cairns, Queensland, about a 3-hour flight. We were hoping for tropical weather, but was greeted with gray skies and a dried up harbour. Hmm, not quite the paradise we had in mind, but we made the best of it.

Cairns is best known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, something we promised ourselves we wouldn’t miss while we were in the country. We spent our first day walking around and getting the lay of the land. In a couple of photos…











Above is a photo of the Esplanade, a 51,667-square-foot saltwater lagoon. We would’ve taken a dip, but it wasn’t quite warm enough (even though it was much warmer here than in Sydney).

Stop back again soon to see what we did in our next two days here. I’ll give you some hints: kangaroos, koala bears and the Barrier Reef!

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