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A weekend in Philadelphia

Good friends are good for the soul. And life is just too dang short to not find the time to spend with these special people. People who inspire you to be a better person, who make you feel good about yourself, who understand you, accept you and still love you.

In celebration of this fact, my dear friend Margaret met me in Philadelphia for a girls weekend. This was not an easy task for her, as she runs her own certified naturally grown farm in Pittsburgh, but I’m so glad she did. Our weekend in a couple of photos…


Ph9Top right, we grabbed a delicious Mexican lunch in Dover, Del., before heading into the city.

1301_Ph_002Reading Terminal Market, how I love thee. Finding and exploring a city’s market is a great way to check out the local fare.



Trying to identify this tree seed. If you know what it is, please shout it out in the comments! It’s still a mystery to us.

1301_Ph_005Strolling through Washington Square.

Ph1Independence Hall, birthplace to the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.




Benjamin Franklin’s grave at Christ Church Burial Grounds. Four other signers of the Declaration are also buried here.


Ph2A delicious dinner in Philly’s Chinatown.


1301_Ph_012The market was a feast for our eyes, ears and bellies. It was overwhelming at first for someone who was looking for a quick lunch, but we ended up staying here for several hours to soak it all in.










Ph7Old City Coffee makes a great cup of joe.

1301_Ph_020Termini Brothers Bakery was another home run in the food department.


Ph8Tiramisu from the bakery.

1301_Ph_021Margaret approves.

1301_Ph_011Love Park, JFK Plaza

Ph3Walking through Fairmount Park.

1301_Ph_023The cannoli of all cannolis from Termini Brothers. I never knew I could love a cannoli as much as I loved this one.


One last scene on my way home after dropping my friend off. The sky was filled with them.

To Margaret, thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxo

P.s. Happy Groundhog Day! We’re so glad that Phil had the same prediction from two years ago.


  1. Wow there’s a Chinatown even in Philadelphia huh? Neat! I noticed a lot of pennies sitting on the ground, at Benjamin Franklin’s burial place. Is there a special meaning for it? I hope it’s okay to ask that :(

    Yummy cannoli! :)


  2. nptphotos says

    Girls’ weekends are the best…Yay for a fun weekend! (And beautiful photos to remember it with.)


    • Thanks, Michelle! This was only my second (or third?) time going, and I’m surprised we don’t go more often. It’s not too far either! Margaret’s always had great hair. It’s also the kind that grows long in a month no matter how short she cuts it…so jealous.


  3. Fabulous captures. We lived across the Delaware in NJ for 8 years ~ in Cherry Hill. This brought back lots of FUN memories.


  4. I’m in bed out of action with some kind of bug. These photos perked me up! Might try for a cup of tea. Thanks a bunch! Also I recognise the “love” sign from London… Is that a permenant thing?


  5. I’ll be in Philadelphia in October. It will be a stop on a journey of 10 days, with my parents, from Boston to Washington, so this article is perfect for me, because there’re a loto of good suggestions. :)
    For you, in a day I can see all the most important things or it takes at least 2 days?
    Thank you so much!

    P.S. Some photos are really amazing! Compliments.


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