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Museum hopping & the Daily Post

The days are still chilly (what’s up with that, March?!), and I’m pretty bitter that my winter coat and wool socks are still in rotation. Let’s hope April brings more spring-like weather.

A couple of weekends ago, a group of us decided to escape Southern Maryland to museum hop in D.C. We were able to fit in three museums before hunger took over. In a couple of photos…


1303_Museum_002Mapping out our route at the National Gallery of Art.


Art1Above at left (and below at right) is Michelangelo’s David-Apollo. The unfinished marble sculpture was on temporary display while we were there.



1303_Museum_010Second museum stop:  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden







NA4Lastly, we checked out the National Museum of the American Indian. This was our shortest visit. Note to self:  never museum hop on an empty stomach.

P2 A most welcome sight after a windy day in the District:  hot tea and freshly baked pizza from Matchbox in Chinatown.


Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.40.58 PMAnd if you haven’t seen this yet, was nice enough to profile me on their blog, the Daily Post last week. Seriously, what an amazing opportunity! Many, many thanks to the WordPress team for this special honor.


    • Thank you! I will certainly check your blog out. I have an Instagram account, but it’s currently set to private. Thank for stopping by!


  1. Found your blog via The Daily Post (thank goodness!). Love the shot of the figures silhouetted against the backlit beads (?). Can’t wait to spend some time reading through previous posts.


  2. Such great pictures :) my favorite has got to be the one of two men in front of two orange art pieces.


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