Month: April 2013

Take me out to the ball game!

Have you been enjoying this better-later-than-never spring weather? I sure hope so. We’ve been searching for every excuse to spend time outside. (I have to get my time in now before the bugs come alive to eat me. I wish I was kidding.) A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I scooped up some Nationals tickets and enjoyed a night out at the old ball game. In a couple of photos… Did you know you can bring food into the stadium?! My master baker friend, Natasha, brought these and made my day. Despite all of our cheering for the home team, the Nationals lost to the Braves 4-6, but we still had a wonderful time. (And if I’m being honest, one of us, who shall remain unnamed, was happy to see the Braves win.) P.S. Last year, we rooted for the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards.

Cherry Blossom Festival on film

If you remember from this post, my father owned and used a Nikkormat film camera in the 1970s. Well, guess who dusted it off and put it to work recently? This gal. Since I’m lucky enough to live close to Washington, D.C., I’ve been to the festival before and have taken photos of the blossoms time and time again. This time around, I thought I’d try something different in capturing one of my favorite spring time events. All photos are taken with ISO 400 film. Above at left is Jeff, my go-to friend for all things film. I hope everyone has a friend who encourages you to try new things; it’s good for you! Using film again was, I have to say, exhilarating. Finishing off a 24-exposure roll was more gratifying than taking hundreds of digital photos. I certainly won’t be packing my dad’s camera away just yet. I hope I made you proud, dad! P.S. My first and second exposure to manual SLR film cameras. (Pun intended, haha.)