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Cherry Blossom Festival on film

If you remember from this post, my father owned and used a Nikkormat film camera in the 1970s. Well, guess who dusted it off and put it to work recently? This gal.

Since I’m lucky enough to live close to Washington, D.C., I’ve been to the festival before and have taken photos of the blossoms time and time again.

This time around, I thought I’d try something different in capturing one of my favorite spring time events. All photos are taken with ISO 400 film.





Above at left is Jeff, my go-to friend for all things film. I hope everyone has a friend who encourages you to try new things; it’s good for you!







Using film again was, I have to say, exhilarating. Finishing off a 24-exposure roll was more gratifying than taking hundreds of digital photos. I certainly won’t be packing my dad’s camera away just yet. I hope I made you proud, dad!

P.S. My first and second exposure to manual SLR film cameras. (Pun intended, haha.)


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I was there just on April 6. It was a beautiful day but only small buds on some trees. It was the Fireworks Festival. Thank you for posting these pictures.



    • Thank you! And I was there only a day after you. I suspect the blooms didn’t peak until the middle of the work week, only showing themselves to the locals this year. Lucky them. :)


  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy photography, as well, and am always looking for inspiration.


  3. I like that you got some closeups as well as the more iconic shots. I gave my SLR to our younger daughter but now that I got a digital, I realize how simple the non-digital was to use. Until I have a change to watch the instructional DVD, the digital is almost beyond understanding! In the meantime, my iPad does an amazing job.



  4. These are great shots, I just love cherry blossoms, they are so pretty and you captured them brilliantly – your dad would be very proud of you!


  5. The blossoms are delightful and enjoy seeing film. Seems that film is making a comeback for some pros although it is hard to find


    • There is something wildly appealing to me about going back to the basics, which in this case is film. I hope to use it more in the future…as long as the one store in my area continues to develop it. :)


    • Thank you! I wouldn’t say it was hard, but it was a little tricky. It didn’t help that one of my dad’s lenses is missing the aperture ring, so I had to use my friend’s light meter app to figure out the correct settings. Challenging, but fun! :)


  6. Sara says

    Wow Jen! These are incredible! I bet it is soooo cool using film and trying to really make every photo count! I wouldn’t even know where you develop film! :P
    This makes me really wish we’d have gotten to see the beauty of the cherry blossoms last year!


    • Thanks, Sara! Turns out there’s only one place where I live that develops film these days — Wal-Mart! Also, we can always try again to catch the blossoms together. :)


  7. Love this, taking pictures with film seems like it’s so much fun, may have to buy me one of those cameras..Great pictures!


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