New Jersey
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Back to old Barney

For my husband and me, this summer has been all about weekend trips, which usually means packing up our car and hitting the road. This next trip was a little different; we packed up a plane and took to the skies.

1307_LBI_001LBI1My friend Bret has his private pilot’s license and whisked us back to New Jersey in this single-prop airplane. We were all aboard! My husband even got to fly a little. 1307_LBI_002 1307_LBI_003 1307_LBI_004 LBI2 1307_LBI_005 LBI3 Above, at left, is the First Order Flashing Lens from the Barnegat Light Lighthouse at the Barnegat Light Museum. Very impressive glass right there!1307_LBI_006 LBI41307_LBI_007This beautiful basket of fried seafood fed the four of us one night. It was amazing!
LBI5Aren’t they cute? Thank you Bret and Old Barney for the relaxing getaway!


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