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One Woman Farm field dinner

A chance to eat super delicious organic food prepared by a professional chef and see my wonderful friend? I’ll take it.

Jay and I attended One Woman Farm’s family style field dinner in Valencia, Pa., earlier this month, and I think Jay walked away looking more pregnant than me. Just kidding. Maybe. The dinner was held on my friend’s farm, the food was prepared on site and there was a pig roast. In a couple of photos…

1308_FD_0021308_FD_001 FD1 1308_FD_005 FD2 1308_FD_004 Meeting new friends while enjoying fresh healthy food, well, that’s just tough to beat.

1308_FD_003 FD3 1308_FD_006This carrot cake? One of the best I’ve ever had. Kudos to Chef Chet Garland from Toast! kitchen and wine bar.

FD5Above at right, One Woman Farm herself and dear friend of mine, Margaret.


1308_FD_007Now it’s your turn. Go eat something healthy. And if you can, support your local farm.

P.S. More blog posts featuring One Woman Farm in action back in June 2011 and in October 2011.


  1. Looks wonderful and I think your photos do the event justice. I got a big smile from the one of the happy-looking pig, although s/he probably wasn’t too happy. :-)



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