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Hi, San Fran!

I met San Fran for the first time on a beautiful sunny October afternoon. She hosted us for several days in which we walked, bused and cable-car’d ourselves silly. We ate ourselves even sillier. I should mention that I was seven months pregnant at the time, and we traveled with another pregnant couple, which meant double the hunger hormones. This, of course, isn’t a bad thing when you’re in San Francisco. :)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip…

1310_SF_001Tourist trap:  the Painted Ladies. Cue the “Full House” theme song!1310_SF_002A view from the Golden Gate Promenade.1310_SF_003 Aquatic ParkSF1 1310_SF_004My husband was not going to leave the city until he rode in a cable car. I have to admit that I’m so glad we did!
SF2 1310_SF_005 Vibrant Chinatown. I could’ve spent a week here alone – so much to see and eat.1310_SF_008 On our first full day in the city, we were honored to attend our friends’ wedding at the Trocadero Clubhouse in Sigmund Stern Grove. It was absolutely charming.1310_SF_006 SF3 These doughnuts = happy pregnant ladies. SF4 Did I mention that the bride and groom showed up in style? I mean, that dress and that suit! 1310_SF_017 SF6 1310_SF_016 The food spread. And I’m drooling again.
SF5 1310_SF_007 1310_SF_009All smiles after a great celebration.

SF7We found this great view at Lands End lookout.1310_SF_010 1310_SF_011The perfect thin crust pizza from Rose’s Cafe.
1310_SF_012 SF8Enjoying our free samples at Ghiradelli Square.
1310_SF_013 Smelly sea lions at Pier 39SF9Goodbye, Golden Gate bridge! We sadly left San Fran after a short stay and continued onto the second leg of the trip. But first, we stopped at the Salsalito Taco Shop for some amazing tacos.
1310_SF_015 1310_SF_014Next up:  Exploring wine country!


  1. Faballistic says

    These photos are amazing! Do you ever do any work near the Inland Empire area by any chance?


  2. Minnie says

    Oh my gosh, what beautiful pictures. I have always wanted to go to SF. See a Giants game, ride a cable car, find the house from Full House, haha. Loved looking through these pictures, keep sharing :)


  3. 1. The photos are beautiful. I like very much the ones from the wedding
    2. The “full house” houses are so pretty, I had no clue they are a touristic atrraction, I thought that this kind of houses are all over San Francisco…I’ve never been there, so pardon my ignorance :(
    3. What is with the sea lions ? They just..”hang together” on the pier? :) it’s very interesting.


    • Hi PhotoCory! I should’ve clarified that “Painted Ladies” is a term used to describe the type of architecture (Victorian), and they are scattered around SF. This particular row, across from Alamo Square, were featured in the opening credits of Full House, which ups their celebrity status. And from what I’ve read about the sea lions, they’ve claimed Pier 39 as their hang out spot since the late 1980s. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I have two siblings living in SF now. I left the Bay Area when I went away to college, but came back to visit family often. Pregnant with my first and enormously undernourished, I ate at Paprikas Fono in Ghiradelli square and just gorged on goulash! Sadly, it’s not there any more, I fear.


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