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Building baby’s room

Please bear with me as I retrace my steps and photos from before we had our butterball. (Those photos to come soon enough!) But first, allow me to introduce the nursery, which used to be our study, also lovingly known as the Penn State room. If you weren’t aware, my husband and I both graduated from Penn State, and it happens to be the place where we became a “we.” :)

Here’s the transformation in a couple of pics…


We thought the bean would love this big bright window. Daddy-to-be is taking measurements and drawing up plans…
R11308_R_001Older brother BasiL quickly became very suspicious as to why we were spending so much dang time in this room…
1309_R_003First step:  install crown molding.
1310_R_004Second step, throw some paint on them walls. That royal blue wasn’t doing us any favors.
R2 1312_R_005Third step, hang some wall art! Airplane banner was taken from my shower. Starting at top left going clockwise:  a photo that Jay took while flying in an F/A-18, art deco “Q” from Edie’s Lab on Etsy, an airplane art print from dear friends, a photo of Jay’s father (whom baby was partially named after), a quote print from oh my deer on Etsy, a photo of Jay’s grandfather (whom baby was also partially named after) and mirror from Target.
R6Airplane ride night light was a gift from my mother-in-law.
1312_R_006 R4 R3

Glider is from West Elm.
R5To pay homage to our roots, I found and printed a vintage aerial photograph of State College to hang by the crib. Our airplane mobile was made for us by a dear friend, and the red poster is the phonetic alphabet via

Hope you enjoyed the transformation!


  1. nptphotos says

    Awesome idea for a post. Seriously, looks like something out of a home decor magazine. LOVE


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