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Wrapped with love

As a new mother, I often think of my own. She is a strong woman, in fact, one of the strongest I know. She immigrated to the U.S. from Hong Kong in her early 20s. She knew very little English, but that didn’t stop her from becoming fluent. She has worked almost her entire life, and there are no plans to stop. She raised three children in a foreign country that had a very different culture from her own. Can you imagine?

She was strict (oh, was she strict!), but she was loving. I have never doubted her love for us. When I was home last, we were all a bit of a mess, my baby included. Sicknesses abound, she woke up one morning and grabbed the wonton wraps, concocted the filling, and with a single chopstick, began to fill, fold and seal wontons.

She is amazing, and I love her so.









  1. joannachuahhy says

    This is a lovely post! I, like you am thinking of photographing my mother while she cooks, because I think a mother’s cooking is a great influence on what we subsequently eat/don’t eat in life! It’s also an expression of love. Great work!


    • Thank you so much! Yes, my mother’s cooking had a huge influence on me. Long after I left the nest, I still crave her meals and must. eat. rice. with everything. :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you do photograph your mother someday; I’d love to see.


  2. I love this post of you capturing our mom, lovingly making you guys wonton soup! I wish I was awake to see you capture these pictures of her. You definitely captured her heart and love for her family…perfectly. :) Love ya tons! I wish you lived closer to us!!!


  3. Your lovely post made me wish I had taken photos like this when I recently visited my elderly mother, who lives halfway across the country from me. Beautiful shots, each and every one!


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