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When inspiration strikes

…grab hold of it.

I hadn’t planned on spending 10 minutes crouched over my neighbor’s flowers with a macro lens on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But there I was, taking pictures for the heck of it. A part of me thought, “you really need to do this more often.”







  1. SolcitoBe says

    Beautiful photos! And I agree with you, when Miss Creativity shows up we need to catch her and enjoy the moment.

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  2. You really do! These are gorgeous! I am so wanting to try macro! I plan to rent many many lenses when this little bambino shows up ;o)


  3. We’ll you had to really sneaked in someone’s backyard sometimes to see those beautiful flowers! They can be in the wild but hard to find! Nice job on getting the good angle to capture the nature

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  4. So pretty!! Remember the days, oh 18 months ago, when all of your photos were just because you were inspired? ;)


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