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Pumpkin pickin

My new mantra: happy toddler = happy life.

A perfect day with our pumpkin, who has a newfound love for wagons.

1510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_001 1510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_002 1510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_003 Fall_pumpkin_11510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_0041510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_007 1510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_008 1510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_0051510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_006 1510_Fall_toddler_pumpkin_009 Fall_pumpkin_2


  1. My goodness, what a cute and well dressed ham young man you’ve got there! We recently took our nephew to the pumpkin patch, so this collection of images feels so warm and fuzzy to me. :)

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