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Nature study

I read a wise book that said when you don’t have the answers, you can find them in nature.

By sheer irony did we recently (as in yesterday) find this beautiful trail a few steps from our home.

By following a handful of trails, we explored a pond and ended up at one of our favorite playgrounds. I went back again today with my macro lens and (literally) focused on the smaller details of life. I think it’s because the big details just feel a little too big right now.

Wishing you all well.


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I am satisfied when I have my camera or a good book in my hands.


  1. Thanks for all those lovely photos. I agree that things are a bit much right now. Even though we do need to know what’s going on, the incessant hammering at it is enough to discourage everyone, not just caution them. Nice to distract ourselves when possible.



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