Photo credit: J. Breck

I wasn’t serious about taking photographs until I received my Nikon D90 from my husband, my number one supporter, in November 2009. It took me a year and a half and thousands of photos to grasp how to expose a photo correctly and how to use aperture, ISO and shutter speed to get there. And it wasn’t until I received my second lens, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D, that I really understood aperture, depth of field and what it means to have a fast lens. And I realize this is one of the reasons why I love photography so much – there is so much to learn and experience with it.

I just want to document life. And make it look pretty.

So here I am. Since I spend so much time going out, taking photos and editing, the next logical step was to share them. And that will be the purpose of this photo blog. Or phoblog.



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  1. Mrs Captain says

    From your second biggest supporter Your hobby makes me happy! Love your photos and captions. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi,

    I just looked through your pics on Hearst Castle and Santa Barbara. I actually live in Santa Barbara and your pictures really make the town come to life. I would love to ask you a few questions about what kind of camera you recommend and that you use. If you could email me I would love to talk about it with you! Thanks so much,



  3. I recognize that bridge…Solomon’s Island? Hello from a fellow Southern Marylander!

    Beautiful pictures by the way- I recently got a DSLR + my mom’s old manual Olympus OM-1 and working my way through the specs as well. Cameras are complicated beings.


    • Hello! Wow, it’s a small world, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and have fun learning the ins and outs of your camera. It’s a fun journey!


  4. I also have a Nikon D90 and have yet to find the time to witness its full potential. I live in a beautiful country and love the fact that there is always something to photograph. I like your comment that you want to ‘document life and make it look pretty’ my exact sentiments. Happy phoblogging.


  5. wow, ur photoblog give something and inspiration for who see it..
    i love ur photo, colorful and meaning :)
    keep phoblogging :)


  6. I’ve been following your blog because I looove (with triple o) your photos. They are beautiful!
    And the same like you, I got my first real SLR from my number 1 supporter: my husband. I’m still learning and exploring on photography. Your photos have been giving me some inspirations. Thanks!


    • Fanny, thanks for your sweet note! I don’t think I will ever stop learning or exploring photography, so we’re in the same boat. In addition to loving photography, I’m a fan of steamed rice too. :) Happy shooting!


  7. So glad I found your blog via The Daily Post Q&A this week. I’m subscribing to Phoblography asap!! If you’re ever open to working with me, I’d like to write a guest post for the site and vice versa (also shoot with a Nikon D90).


  8. Hi! I found your blog whole I was searching for some interesting photo blogs. I saw your font on your header “photography”, what font is that, I love the font. / Malena


  9. That is my camera as well and what is funny is when I bought it, I bought that same lens! Great tools!


  10. Hello I am new to this having only just set up my account as a result of enrolling in a beginners photography class. This is the first blog I have looked at and I must say I love your photos. If I become half as good at capturing what I want to as you are I will be very happy


    • Jane, welcome to blogging! And congrats on your photography class. If there’s one piece of advice about photography that I can bestow upon you, it’s to shoot, shoot, shoot. You will learn things even when you think aren’t learning by being behind the camera. Good luck on your journey!


  11. WOWWWW I cannot even express how happy you’re phoblog makes me :) my best friend and I want nothing more than to travel the world, eat yummy food, and take in the beauty of life. Your phoblog makes me even more excited to do so. I want to know more about you because you seem so so cool, please share some fun facts. Thank you for sharing your talent!


  12. I am just discovering your blog and I love your photos and your story! I started getting serious about photography a few months ago and I started my own blog as well. Seeing where you are at right now and what you are capable of doing gives me hope and inspires me! Keep up the good work!


  13. I envy you for the never giving up. I love taking pictures too. It’s art. But like you I need to get the grasp of the adjusting the aperture first and play with the light well. :)


  14. I just start to follow you because you’re a truly talented photographer. I like a lot of your photos and I also have to say that we share the same love and passion for photography, so I’m very happy to discover you, today.
    If you want, I’m waiting for you on my blog.


  15. thepighasacurlytail says

    Really great stuff. Even love the word you coined for your passion, “Phoblography.”


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