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Old Town through new eyes

Five days away with the kids. Someone fetch me a gold medal because I honestly feel like I earned it.  :)

Jay and I took the kiddos to one of our favorite haunts, Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. It seemed like ages ago when I worked in a small office on King Street, pre-kiddos and pre-husband, so it felt like a reunion of sorts introducing our kids to this familiar-to-me town.

We enjoyed slipping into the city lifestyle for the short time we were there, soaking in the sights and sounds (thank you, blaring fire truck during that one nap time…).

Here are a handful of my favorite snaps from our trip – enjoy!


Full on fall

This weekend we played with leaves, picked up pinecones and enjoyed those last rays of sunshine before it got too cold to stay out.

And then we went inside and helped ourselves to warm mugs of hot apple cider. Milk for the little one, who will be two in a couple short months.

In my eyes, he is still so much a baby, but when I look at these photos, I can also see a boy.

Oh, how I wish time would slow down.

Happy fall to you all!

1510_Fall_toddler_playing_001 Fall_leaves_toddler_1 1510_Fall_toddler_playing_002 1510_Fall_toddler_playing_004Fall_leaves_toddler_21510_Fall_toddler_playing_003


After years of Chicago staring at us from our bucket list, we finally get to check it off.

But not without thanks to our dear friends, Paul and Melina, who decided to have their wedding close by and to our amazing family who watched Quentin for us while we spent the weekend away. Thank you!

Here was our weekend in a couple of snapshots…

A drive-by shot of Wrigley Field. Where can you park around there?!1506_Chicago_001The John Hancock Center  was surrounded in clouds when we arrived, so no observatory for us. Womp womp. 1506_Chicago_002 1506_Chicago_003 1506_Chicago_004We left for the D.C. airport at 4:30 a.m., so when we finally made it into the city, we were understandably pretty hangry. Uno Pizzeria & Grill to the rescue… 1506_Chicago_005 Chicago1Pizzas apparently take 35-45 minutes to make, so you can order up front while you wait for a table to open. I’m usually a thin-slice pizza kind of gal, but I must admit this deep dish won me over.  1506_Chicago_006 1506_Chicago_007 1506_Chicago_008I don’t even want to tell you how much we paid to park in this garage for a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon in the city. Too much is all you need to know. 1506_Chicago_009 1506_Chicago_010 1506_Chicago_011Our first glance at Cloud Gate aka the Bean in beautiful Millennium ParkChicago2 1506_Chicago_012 1506_Chicago_013We had plans to visit the Field Museum and explore the harbor, however, the weather had other plans for us. It started with a mist, then a sprinkle, and finally a downpour. By the time we turned around and made it back to the car, we were soaked. We decided to skip the museums (sopping clothes is no fun) and made our way to Mundelein, where our friends would be getting married. 1506_Chicago_0141506_Chicago_015Chicago3The breathtaking bride and her niece, Molly.  1506_Chicago_017Reunited with Pauly, and it feels so good! 1506_Chicago_016 1506_Chicago_018 1506_Chicago_019 Chicago41506_Flowers_001 Chicago5Paul and Melina’s first dance. I love how the bride was so emotional during the day (the sweetest thing to watch) and how everyone talked of Paul’s huge and wonderful heart. 1506_Chicago_023 1506_Chicago_022 1506_Chicago_020 1506_Chicago_024It’s hard to express the pride and joy you feel as you watch your close friend, whom you used to see and hang out with every.single.weekend for six years of your life, find someone they absolutely adore and marry. It was an honor. We wish you all the best in this new and exciting adventure. xoxo.